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Solar Lantern
Solar Lantern

Solar lantern is a portable light source like a traditional lantern which gives Omni directional pure white light. It consists of a solar photovoltaic module, Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF) lead acid battery, charge controller and DC-AC inverter for lighting the Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CF Lamp).
Highly efficient two-step charge controller protects battery from over charging and deep discharging. High frequency inverter offers high efficacy, more light output and long service life to the CF Lamp. The Solar lanterns are available in 6 different models.


  • Non-polluting, inexhaustible energy from the Sun
  • Omni-directional pure white light
  • Safe and easy to operate
  • Excellent protections and indications
  • As per CPRI and MNES approved specifications
  • Rugged and attractive body made of ABS plastic
  • UV stabilised acrylic light diffuser


Model SEABL-LN-1000-5W SEABL-LN-1001-7W
Solar PV Module 8Wp / 10Wp / 12Wp (see ordering information)
Battery 12V, 7AH VRLA (SMF) Lead Acid
Application Portable emergency indoor light source
Lamp type Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL), 4 Pin, Sinqle U
Lamp wattage 5W 7W
Rated light output (Lumens) 250 5% 400 5%
Light coverage 360 Deg
Daily hours of operation 3-4 Hrs
Number of days of autonomy 3-4 Days
Electrical - -
Inverter type Quasi Sine wave, Free running
Inverter frequency 24-28 kHz
Inverter efficiency > 82%
Charging method Series pulsed, two step
Indications Charging and low battery
Reverse polarity protection Provided with glass cartridge fuse
Lamp fixing CF Lamp in base up configuration
Case Injection moulded engineerinq plastic
Light diffuser UV stabilised, Non yellowing acrylic
Size (shipping) (mm) without SPV module 200x200x320 200x200x320
Weight (shipping) without SPV module 3.5 Kg 3.5 Kg

Models Available (SEABL LN series) :

SEABL-LN- 1000-2.3 CFL 5W 12V 7Ah 12V 8Wp 2-3 Hrs
SEABL-LN- 1001-3.4 CFL 5W 12V 7Ah 12V 10Wp 3-4Hrs
SEABL-LN- 1002-4.5 CFL 5W 12V 7Ah 12V 12Wp 4-5 Hrs
SEABL-LN- 1003-3.4 CFL 7W 12V 7Ah 12V 8Wp 3-4 Hrs
SEABL-LN- 1004-4.5 CFL 7W 12V 7Ah 12V 10Wp 4-5 Hrs
SEABL-LN- 1005-4.5 CFL7W 12V 7Ah 12V 12Wp 4-5 Hrs