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Renewable Energy Products/Services

Wind Mills
Wind turbines are installed on top of tall buildings or towers to collect kinetic energy from wind and convert it to electricity. The size of the turbine depends on the energy requirements.
For maximum efficiency, the towers must usually stand 10 metres above anything within 100 metres of the tower.

Solar Power Plants
There’s no shortage of sunlight in India. It has the potential to give us abundant, clean energy while cutting dependence on non-renewable energy. The problem is harnessing this energy efficiently and economically.

Bio-Mass / Bio-Gas
Biomass energy refers to all forms of renewable energy derived from plant materials produced by photosynthesis. It can come from wood, agricultural crops and other organic residues.
There’s nothing new about biomass energy or bioenergy despite a fancy sounding moniker. Burning wood is one of the oldest of all energy sources. But, today, with much more efficient options, biomass energy can be part of the climate change solution.

Energy Efficiency
Seacon Energy is a power-saving device that allows you to save electric rates up to 15 percent. Seacon Energy, a patented invention based on state-of-the-art technology, can be set up in place wherever electricity is used including Street lamps, shopping malls, offices, factories, and elsewhere.
This device is installed at the output of a transformer or a main circuit breaker and works very effectively at any level of load. Furthermore, just one unit is good enough for its performance unlike other existing products, which have to be constructed in a combination of two or more units.

Hybrid Energy Systems
The hybrid system may comprise the following elements: photovoltaic (PV) panels, wind turbines, hydraulic turbine, fuel cell, H2 tank and electrolyzer, as well as batteries, battery charge regulator, inverters(DC/AC converter), rectifier (AC/DC converter), and AC generator (these will be a non-renewable source for non-renewable fuels, but it can be a renewable source if the fuel is biogas or another renewable fuel). All elements may be present simultaneously, and the user may decide to include only some of them as part of the desired hybrid system.

Solar Street Light
The heart of any SPV system is the Solar Cell, a semiconductor (silicon) device,which when exposed to sunlight produces DC Electricity. A number of suchsolar cells are interconnected in series combination and sealed with a toughened and highly transparent front glass cover to form a solar photovoltaic module. A number of these modules, in turn, are again suitably interconnected and mounted on metal structure form a SPV Panel.
Negligible Low maintenance lead acid battery/Sealed maintenance free batteries are used in Solar LED power street lighting systems for the back-up purpose. The SPV array converts solar energy (Sun light) directly into DC electricity. The electrical energy so generated, charges a storage battery through electronics controls. The stored energy in the battery is used to power the LED lighting system in night times.
We are having the following products :
Solar Street Light 24W
Solar Street Light 50W

Solar Lantern
Solar lantern is a portable light source like a traditional lantern which gives Omni directional pure white light. It consists of a solar photovoltaic module, Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF) lead acid battery, charge controller and DC-AC inverter for lighting the Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CF Lamp).
Highly efficient two-step charge controller protects battery from over charging and deep discharging. High frequency inverter offers high efficacy, more light output and long service life to the CF Lamp. The Solar lanterns are available in 6 different models.

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